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Michael J. Fox, a ton of other actors reprise iconic roles in this Lego Dimensions trailer

Christopher Lloyd took front and center in the first trailer for Lego’s massive multiverse video game, Lego Dimensions, reprising his role as Doc Brown from Back To The Future. Now this second trailer features all the other actors who are returning to voice their iconic movie and TV roles as well, including Michael J. Fox as Doc’s loyal compatriot Marty McFly.


The hook of Lego Dimensions is that Lego characters from all sorts of different properties can interact with one another. So Doc and Marty don’t have to re-write history alone, they can call in anyone from the Ghostbusters to the Doctor to help them. Of course in order to access all the crossover fun, players must buy these various worlds separately, ensuring that the true vastness of the multiverse is experienced only by the Lord Businesses of the world.

And speaking of The Lego Movie, a bunch of those characters (and their voice actors) are back for Dimensions as well, including Elizabeth Banks as WyldeStyle, Alison Brie as Unikitty, and Chris Pratt as Emmet. Pratt also pulls double duty as Owen Grady from Jurassic World alongside Bryce Dallas Howard reprising her role (and presumably pulling off some fierce Lego high heels) as Claire. Doctor Who, Portal, DC Comics, The Lord Of The Rings, Scooby Doo, and The Simpsons are just a few of the “14 fan-favorite universes” that are “fused” together in the game, with many of their original casts back on board.

Meanwhile Community’s Joel McHale will voice the game’s original robot guide while Gary Oldman will star as its villain Lord Vortech, an evil mastermind out of conquer the Lego Multiverse. Players can assemble a team to stop him when Lego Dimensions is made available for PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, the Wii U, the Xbox One, and the Xbox 360 on September 27.