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Sad news for people anxiously awaiting a polarizing follow-up to one of the most baffling movies of the year—People reports Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky have split up after one year of dating. The Oscar winner and Oscar nominee, respectively, met while working on Mother!, which if, as has been suggested, is indeed a film about the horrors of domesticity, didn’t really bode well for the relationship.

But if, as has also been suggested, the film—which picked up a much talked-about F grade from CinemaScore—was about the relationship between artist and art, and how said artist will sacrifice anything for art, then... that didn’t augur well for Darrennifer, as the couple came to be known in the area near the fridges at The A.V. Club offices. Lawrence and Aronofsky were very discreet about their relationship, so it’s unknown why they broke up, except perhaps as a final offering to Mother Earth, which was being destroyed by unwanted houseguests or plumbing issues?—we’re still not entirely certain. Then again, if the correct reading is that God is a watchmaker who lets bad things happen, then maybe this was preordained. One theory that’s also garnering traction, though we don’t know why, involves the 22-year age difference.


Mother! may have proved to be a divisive film, but it probably wasn’t what led to the break-up. After all, Rachel Weisz made The Fountain with Aronofsky in 2006, and they didn’t decouple until 2010. No formal statement accompanied the confirmation to People, but don’t be surprised if Aronofsky shares his interpretation of the end of their relationship in the coming days.

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