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MTV Wants To Remind You That The Holocaust Could Happen Again

Though it is buried deep underneath the Next bus and surrounded on all sides by impenetrable layers of former Real World Road Rules cast members, MTV has a social conscience. And even though it's small, almost invisible, really, and its voice can barely be heard above the cacophony of Tila Tequila's raspy giggles, MTV's social conscience isn't afraid to haphazardly use Holocaust imagery to gets its point across.

So what is MTV's point? Short answer: to confuse. Long answer: maybe we're becoming too complacent in the face of our government. No one is willing to stand up for themselves, for their neighbors, and that's how the Holocaust happened? So it could happen again if we're not careful? Someone should really do something about that. Think, or whatever. Or maybe the point is just to remind us that the Holocaust, you know, happened. It could happen to people like us again. Think about that for 5 seconds. Now back to The Hills! Can LC and Brody mend their friendship?

Why is it that MTV only asks you to think during commercials? Oh right, it's cause they don't really want you to think. They get your attention via confusing, scary Holocaust imagery and then what do they do with it? Re-direct it to an "activism" website so hollow an ad for True Life: I'm Under Peer Pressure is the first thing you see.


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