If you watched TV at all over the July 4th weekend, you were probably at some point treated to an incredible offer to own a very tasteful piece of history that also happens to be non-circulating currency in a small African nation: The 9/11 Twenty. I know what you're thinking: "I want to own a 9/11 commemorative oversize twenty dollar bill cast in .999 silver-leaf, that will help me remember to Never Forget™, but what good is it if it's not legal tender?"

Well, look no further, because not only is the 9/11 Twenty a commemorative oversize twenty dollar bill cast in the finest .999 silver-leaf the world has to offer, it's also legal tender in Liberia for some reason! And since it's stamped with the promise to Never Forget™, with just one look at its shiny .999 silver leaf surface, you will never have a problem never forgetting national tragedy again!

This commercial is basically a rage masterwork: every time you look at it, you can find a new reason to get angry.

Hurry and call now, though, because there is a strict limit of 5 9/11 Twenties per customer, which will really come in handy on your next trip to Liberia. Five is also just the right amount to create a 9/11 Twenty mirrored wall hanging, perfect for staring at the bottomless depths of your dead eyes reflected in the 9/11 Twenty's silvery surface, and searching in vain for your soul.