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New Fox Show Is Both Everything And Nothing

Descriptions of new television shows generally make the shows sound either terrible or patently ridiculous, especially when those descriptions fall into the reductive "It's [blank] meets [blank]." variety. But apparently reducing a show to a long string of meaningless references is the key to selling a show. Well, at least, selling a show to Fox.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

Heigh-ho! Fox is developing a contemporary take on the classic Walt Disney tale of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"…Tentatively titled "Georgia and the Seven Associates," the hourlong dramedy, produced by ABC Studios, is tonally described as "The Devil Wears Prada" meets "Taxi" set in Los Angeles' legal circles.

It centers on Georgia Burnett, a young lawyer who is banished from a top law firm run by her stepmother and forced to team up with seven quirky lawyers at a storefront legal office.


This is television gold! Snow White but a lawyer who also works at a fashion magazine for a demanding boss while hanging out at the taxi dispatch garage with her rag-tag band of quirky co-workers, hopefully including Danny Devito (he'd make a great dwarf). It all makes perfect sense. How could Fox say no to a show that sounds like such a poorly-stitched-together Frankenstein's monster of the long-dead parts of other TV shows, movies, and fairy tales?

Is there anything else we could throw in there?

"It is 'L.A. Law' vs. the little engine that could," said Brancato, who is writing the script with Weissman and Diamond.

Got it. Ok, based on the above information, here's a sample of what the first scene of the pilot could look like:

[INT: Dwarf, Dwarf, Dwarf & Associates Law Firm SLEEPY DWARF, attorney-at-law [Danny DeVito], is showing GEORGIA around the offices, which are filthy. Dust, trash, and empty miniature cans of red bull cover most of the tiny desks and chairs where the lawyers work. SLEEPY hands GEORGIA a small broom.]

SLEEPY: So, since we're sheltering you from your wicked stepmother, you'll be responsible for keeping everything tidy around here. As you can see, we definitely need the help. You know what they say..dwarves will be dwarves.

GEORGIA: But, uh, I'm a lawyer. I thought I could, you know, practice law here. In LA. Since I know the L.A. Law.

SLEEPY: [Yawns loudly] Oh, really? Well, ok. We have a big copyright infringement case against Rapunzel Hair Extentions coming up. Maybe you could help with that.

GEORGIA: I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

[A chic, well-coiffed, white-haired, highly intimidating woman breezes past SLEEPY and GEORGINA in the hallway without giving either a glance.]

GEORGIA: (fearfully) Who was that?

SLEEPY: (falling asleep) That's Miranda Priestly. She's the editor of the fancypants fashion magazine that's also on this floor. (SLEEPY dozes off while standing.)

GEORGIA: Wow. I'm so intimidated by her. Yet, I feel eventually I will grow to respect and maybe even admire her.

[Just then the elevator doors open, revealing a yellow taxi cab]

GEORGIA: (winks at the camera) This sure is an interesting place to work!