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New restaurant forces the words "Kid Rock" and "taste" into same sentence

(Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

Providing the inspirational message that anybody can become a successful restaurateur, even if they look like a walking E.coli outbreak, Kid Rock is getting ready to launch his own restaurant. And, in the spirit of respect and positivity, we here at The A.V. Club would just like to express our unwavering and complete support for Rock’s new Made In Detroit dining establishment, and, indeed, anything that could hypothetically distract him from that political career he keeps threatening to embark upon.

Located at Little Caesars Arena in downtown Detroit, the restaurant promises plenty of Detroit-based food and southern staples, complete, presumably, with all the manufactured edge that semi-casual diners love. Sadly, Kid Rock has yet to release the menu, leaving us to only speculate on the punny burgers and “Cowboy”-themed appetizers he and his team of culinary rebels have cooked up. Bawitdabagels? Margarita “Pictures”? The Kid Rock, which is just young goat meat cooked over hot stones? Really, the possibilities are as endless as Rock’s apparently bulletproof career.


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