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New trailer confirms that the end is here for Star Wars: Rebels

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Here’s some unfortunate news for anyone who had a bad feeling about the fate of Star Wars: Rebels: The show’s cast and crew confirmed today that the series’ recently announced fourth season will be its last. If its any consolation, though, it looks like the show’s producers are taking full advantage of the now-imminent climax, showing off a new trailer at Star Wars Celebration that really digs into that “epic finale” vibe.

Voiced by Ghost pilot Hera, the trailer looks back at the show’s history, before racing forward to whatever its big conclusion will be. There are no big plot details, or any of those rumored Rogue One cameos—besides recurring character Saw Gerrera, anyway—on display, but it definitely feels like the show is building up to something big and apocalyptic for its end.


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