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New Westworld mobile game finally puts you in charge of your own nightmarish theme park

Photo: John P. Johnson (HBO)

HBO’s Westworld TV show may be largely about indicating why the basic Westworld concept—in which highly advanced robots are built solely to cater to humanity’s monstrous whims—is an absolutely terrible idea, but it’s hard to deny that being one of the park’s human employees seems kind of fun. You get to play with those cool folding tablets, you can have philosophical conversations with your colleagues about if what you’re doing is wrong, and there’s the constant threat of being murdered in some kind of robot uprising (as if that would ever happen). Earlier this year, Warner Bros. announced a Westworld mobile tie-in game that would let you live out this weird fantasy, and now the company has opened “pre-registration” for the game.

Essentially, it’s like volunteering to be put on a mailing list, but instead of just periodically annoying you, this mailing list will eventually let you play this Westworld game on the mobile device of your choice. You can see a trailer for the game below, and pre-register at this link. Just remember: the robots will definitely rebel at some point.

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