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Nicolas Cage reflects on parenthood with Aaron Paul, gifts us rendition of "Three Blind Mice"

Cage's talk show circuit has continued with him showing Aaron Paul how to sing lullabies

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A triptych of very colorful talk show outfits.
A triptych of very colorful talk show outfits.
Screenshot: The Late Late Show With James Corden

Last week, while writing about Nicolas Cage’s first talk show appearance in 14 years, we made the wish that the actor would continue to get out there and enliven late night television with his presence. Luckily, he’s done just that, throwing on his best cheetah print suit and sitting on down for an interview with James Corden last Friday—the monkey paw never grants your wish quite the way you’d like—that includes him talking fatherhood with Aaron Paul and serenading viewers with a rendition of “Three Blind Mice.”

Cage, still making these talk show appearances in order to promote The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, started out his segment by telling fellow guest Aaron Paul how happy he was to join another actor on the show before the latter complimented him on his enormous body of work and the two started talking about parenthood.

Paul brings up his baby’s current issues with “passing gas” and the existence of a horrible “probe” device designed to help with the problem. Cage suggests he try burping the kid instead, recommending a rocking chair and singing “Three Blind Mice” to improve the process. Corden, knowing exactly what he’s doing, then says he’d “love to watch Nicolas Cage singing ‘Three Blind Mice’ while burping a child.”


Cage takes the opportunity to fulfill that small dream. He sings the lullaby with appropriate drama, miming the way you’d hold a baby at the same time and adding violent gravitas to the verse about the farmer’s wife cutting the mice’s tails off.

The conversation continues with Cage mentioning other great aspects of parenthood—like, say, the first time a child’s grossed out by adults eating lobster dinners—but the lullaby is the real highlight of the appearance. And that’s mostly because it, at long last, gives everyone a new ringtone that might be up to the task of replacing the decades-old sounds of him stating “put the bunny back in the box” whenever a new text comes in.


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