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Ocean's Ad Infinitum

It's Friday afternoon before Memorial Day weekend, and you (presumably) are still at work. Few things can lessen the interminable slowness of such an occasion and that itching need to escape you're feeling–but watching the following trailer for Ocean's 13, aka Brad Pitt George Clooney Matt Damon Super Friends Fun For No One But Them Club should give you the final make-it-stop! push necessary to convince you to leave early. Either that, or you'll suddenly want to go to Mohegan Sun. A warning: the following trailer contains a Clooney/Pacino hoarse-voice-off, Don Cheadle dressed as a human cannonball, buckets of smugness, Brad Pitt in a comical wig, lots of mega-heisty Vegas-speak, and Matt Damon deep-throating a champagne flute.

I'm sorry. Also, you're welcome.


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