Few shows on TV are as relentlessly open about the surreal, hellish nature of big business office life as Matt Ingebretson and Jake Weisman’s Corporate. There’s no room for Michael Scott-esque found family bullshit in the show’s unrelentingly bleak dystopia of the modern workplace, shot in washed-out colors, and with a rising sense of the collective insanity of blank-eyed, smiling, evil-by-committee work.

And if that all sounds like good, wholesome fun, well, you’re in luck: Comedy Central just released a new trailer for the show’s second season, and things don’t appear to have gotten any lighter or softer in the intervening year. At least our “heroes, Matt and Jake, appear to be on the rise; as the face of Hampton DeVille’s new Occu Spy productivity management system, they’re climbing the ranks (and getting pastry chucked at them from their pissed-off co-workers in the process). How high up the corporate ladder can you climb on nothing but blind obeisance to authority, a willingness to scapegoat for your higher ups, and a willingness to pull cruller out of your hair? We’ll presumably find out when Corporate comes back, on January 15.