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Owen Wilson saying “wow” except it’s backwards now

Owen Wilson is a versatile actor—watch The Minus Man!—but that’s not to say he doesn’t have a few actorly wells to which he returns. We’ve seen time and again the many, many times he’s uttered his catchphrase—“wow”—and we’ve even seen it dubbed over other sounds, such as that of a lightsaber. Now, perhaps inspired by this most recent season of Twin Peaks, someone has shown us Wilson’s “wow” in an altogether new light by playing it backwards. Over and over and over again.


Being a palindrome and all, the reversed “wow” is still recognizable as a “wow.” That said, there’s something just slightly off, an alien, otherworldly lilt that evokes The Man From Another Place. Via this perversion, the “wow” takes on an aggressively breathy quality, one that sounds altogether more uncanny when it’s seen coming from the mouth of Marmaduke or Lightning McQueen. This one merits a “wow” of its own.

[via Reddit]

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