It's a few short days before Christmas, that time of year when Josh Groban's warbling fills the air, choirs take over NBC, and your thoughts turn to family, friends, and old FOX sitcoms you watched intermittently as a youth.

"Is David Faustino, aka Bud Bundy of Married With Children, still that height?" you think while searching for an errant drink ticket at your company's non-open-bar holiday party, "Or has he grown?"

"What ever happened to Parker Lewis, of Parker Lewis Can't Lose?" you wonder while packing your bag to go to the airport, "Did he ever, in fact, lose?"

And while you're hanging ornaments on the tree, fully ensconced in your family's warm embrace, there is one question that reverberates in your mind, "Could Bud Bundy pick up more chicks than Parker Lewis as part of some idiotic infomercial for the latest book from the guy who wrote The Game?"

Well, thanks to the video below, now you have your answers. (Spoiler alert: the answers are "No, he hasn't grown," "Yes, the bleached blond hair indicates he's lost it," and "Ugh," respectively.) Merry Christmas! (Although a better present would be for the pick-up artist thing, and "Style" to go away entirely.)