Let’s get the obvious comparison out of the way first: Yes, this looks and feels very much like a Woody Allen comedy from the ‘80s. The trailer for Dustin Guy Defa’s Person To Person features a sprawling cast, comic vignettes taking place all over New York City, and wry, meandering conversations about life, love, and what it all means. The excerpts from positive reviews sprinkled throughout all mention a similar old-school, talky vibe and the ease with which the movie slips you into the rhythms of these characters’ lives, and that does seem to largely be the point. This is a film about trying to capture those little moments that end up being meaningful in the larger picture, and it shows, for better and worse. (Tavi Gevinson’s character in particular seems like she might be straining under the weight of that arch dialogue.)

Unfolding over the course of a single day, the stories on display here include: “An investigative reporter struggles with her first day on the job, despite help from her misguided boss; a rebellious teen attempts to balance her feminist ideals with other desires; and a young man seeks to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend, even as her brother threatens revenge. Meanwhile, an avid music lover traverses the city in search of a rare record for his vinyl collection.” Whether or not all this translates into something worth seeing remains to be seen. Person To Person opens in theaters and On Demand July 28.