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Please listen to Bella Hadid talking about shoes like an alien who just discovered words

Photo: Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

Who remembers the 2009 horror movie Orphan? Spoiler alert: The evil little girl in it turns out to be a 33-year old woman with a condition that stunts her physical growth, thus allowing her to pose as someone much younger than she actually is. After watching Bella Hadid on Complex’s Sneaker Shopping, one might assume the same of the supermodel, as she talks like a “cool mom” who’s studied the way millennials talk and is trying to work it into her everyday speech. Not even a lecture on the dangers of skateboarding would contain this many utterances of “dope” and “sick.”


In a video filled with memorable quotes—“Sneakers on a man is definitely the first thing I look at”; “I don’t mind dirty sneakers, but they better be fresh, you know?”—the most compelling is the following, spoken while comparing different sets of shoes:

If homeboy’s coming through with these? It’s quiet, yeah, no; it’s quiet for him. But, like, if he comes through in, like, theeeese—some Air Maxes out here, ya know, some JORDANS!—homeboy’s gonna, like, get it.


And, with that, a meme is born. This curious and inexplicable bundle of words stayed in the shoe realm for a while:


Soon, however, the sentiment transcended mere footwear.


And this is just the beginning. Oh, the places you’ll go, meme.


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