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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

Puppy Bowl II

Proving that the only people who watch their channel are stoners, babies, irony-soaked hipsters, or some combination of the three, Animal Planet aired Puppy Bowl II yesterday from 3 p.m. till about 3 a.m. The show was kind of like a Yule Log. But with puppies. (My digital cable guide summed it up in two words: "Puppies playing." Never has a show synopsis been so accurate.) I thought that it would be sort of like a fake football game, with adorable puppies in adorable helmets being adorable and fighting over a squeaky football, or something. Turns out, there was even less of a premise than I thought––it could have just as easily been called Holy Shit! Puppies! Basically, a bunch of dogs were let loose on a replica of a football field. They were given chew toys. The puppies chewed and played and sat and walked while soft music was played in the background. For three hours. That was it.

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here. Please. It was like that, but for three hours straight. Then repeated till 3 a.m. Here are a few highlights, so you don't have to go buy the DVD: Candid Shots From The Bowl-Cam: This was a camera that was on the underside of the puppies' water bowl, so, you know, you could watch them drink water up close and stuff. Puppy Penalty: This is what happened when a dog pooped on the field: Some poor PA dressed up like a referee blew his whistle, threw a "flag" over the poop, and scooped it up. Kitty Half-Time Show: Kittens took over the field for a half-hour––scratching, meowing, staring blankly, and otherwise acting like Superbowl Half-Time singer, Joss Stone. Did anyone else catch this?

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