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PWR BTTM’s music is being pulled from digital stores and streaming services

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A few days ago, indie rock band PWR BTTM was dropped from its label after sexual assault allegations against member Ben Hopkins began to surface. That label, Polyvinyl Records, then began issuing refunds for people who had bought the band’s recently released album Pageant, and Polyvinyl even went so far as to release a statement saying that it was “ceasing to sell and distribute PWR BTTM’s music.” Apparently, that doesn’t just apply to Polyvinyl’s own store, though, as Pageant has now been pulled from iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Google Play, and Amazon—with iTunes and Apple Music pulling the band’s debut album Ugly Cherries as well.

This comes from Pitchfork, which notes that Spotify is currently the only place where you can stream PWR BTTM’s entire catalog, but a representative from Polyvinyl says the label has requested for that to be pulled as well. Going back to Ugly Cherries, that album was released by Father/Daughter Records, which also cut ties with PWR BTTM and announced that it will no longer be selling the band’s music or merch—though most streaming services still let you play PWR BTTM’s Father/Daughter releases.


Earlier today, the band canceled its entire upcoming tour and promised a “formal statement” coming soon.