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Quentin Tarantino names his top 8 films of the year

Quentin Tarantino enjoys going to the picture show. He's literally seen dozens of films. He has famously eclectic tastes. He's been known to enjoy everything from mid-period Sandra Bullock romantic comedies to late-period Sandra Bullock romantic comedies.

The excitable hand gesture enthusiast recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to rattle off his top eight films of the year (why only eight? Cause he's too cool to settle for The Man's Top ten list nonsense). Excluding his own Inglorious Basterds, here's what's on his list:

1. Star Trek

2. Drag Me To Hell

3. Funny People

4. Up In The Air

5. Chocolate

6. Observe And Report

7. Precious

8. An Education

Of the major releases, Tarantino hasn't seen The Lovely Bones, Avatar or Invictus yet. And before you start complaining, the Amy Adams-goes-to-Ireland-to-propose-to-stuffy-boyfriend-and-falls-in-love-with-wisecracking-roughhewn-charmer-Matthew Goode vehicle Leap Year doesn't come out until 2010, so it's not eligible. Also, sorry, He's Just Not That Into You. It appears, alas, that Mr. Tarantino is just not that into you. Surprising? Not surprising? How does his list match up with yours? And does Tarantino dig Seth Rogen or what?