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Red Notice director Rawson Marshall Thurber to develop a Dungeons & Dragons TV universe

Thurber will "oversee" this version of Dungeons & Dragons, if only there were a term for that kind of thing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Red Notice
Red Notice
Photo: Netflix

Fresh off of the Netflix hit Red Notice, a movie that didn’t sound all that great but definitely had three major stars who could all appear in the auto-playing trailer thing, director Rawson Marshall Thurber is ready to roll the dice on his next project: overseeing a “flagship live-action television series” based on Dungeons & Dragons. That’s from Deadline, which says Thurber will write and direct the pilot for this flagship fantasy show—with “multiple buyers” apparently interested in getting involved.

The project is produced by eOne and new owner Hasbro, and Deadline says the plan is for Thurber’s show to “serve as a cornerstone” of the D&D TV universe as it “continues to expand.” One might point out that cinematic universe’s getting ahead of themselves never work out, though this one is specifically based on television, so maybe this will fare better than the Dark Universe did.


That’s about all we know, though Deadline does helpfully point out that Thurber grew up “at the height of D&D’s popularity in the 1980s—as depicted in Stranger Things.” You know the ‘80s, right? The decade from Stranger Things? What Deadline does not helpfully point out is what this means for all of the other Dungeons & Dragons things in the works, specifically the TV show that John Wick’s Derek Kolstad was attached to a year ago.

That might still be in the works, since Hasbro and eOne want a whole Dungeons & Dragons TV universe before they even finish the first campaign, or maybe it’s the same project and Thurber is taking it to the next stage. There’s also the movie with Chris Pine that’s supposedly still happening, but that was pre-quar and life has changed a lot since then. It’s been hard to get everybody’s D&D groups together lately that that one might’ve fallen apart.