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[REDACTED]’s name was redacted from the opening credits of The Walking Dead

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[Warning: The Walking Dead spoilers, coverage of said spoilers, and discussion of coverage of said spoilers ahead.]


[Seriously, if you don’t want to read about what’s happened the last couple of weeks on The Walking Dead, consider checking out T.V. Club’s candid interview with Aziz Ansari or take a look at What’s On Tonight to plan your evening accordingly, but definitely do not watch DVR Club Plus.]

October’s final The Walking Dead episode placed a certain former delivery boy in peril: Glenn (Steven Yeun) had been knocked into the not-so-loving arms of the worst mosh pit ever, following Nicholas’ suicide. Then we saw the zombies feasting on innards as Glenn looked on and screamed, which suggested that he’d finally met his end, while also leaving the tiniest window open for his survival. After all, Nicholas had landed on top of Glenn, effectively making him the first course (and maybe cowardice is really filling).

You might recall that we were a tad annoyed to learn of the showrunner’s ambiguity about what would have been the first major character death in a while, because copouts be damned, that guy totally became zombie food. But if you were someone who was hoping against hope (and reason) that Glenn had somehow survived the encounter, last week’s Talking Dead discussion also left the door open for his miraculous return. After all, there was no “In Memoriam” send-off for the character, and Yeun didn’t show up to do the post-mortem with Chris Hardwick and guests.

Now the show’s latest glaring omission is firing up the rumor mill once again, as Yeun’s name was noticeably absent from the opening credits of Sunday’s episode. The 90-minute “Here’s Not Here” set aside the Glenn cliffhanger to fill us in on what Morgan had been up to between depressing Rick in his hometown (in “Clear”) and finding Rick in Alexandria. Yeun had been an opening-credits mainstay along with Andrew Lincoln and Chandler Riggs, but his name was the only one missing in the credits for the extended episode. Maybe it’s trolling, maybe it was a bad joke, but those cryptic remarks about Glenn hanging around in spirit (or being seen in bits and pieces) just got even more oblique.

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