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Redditor enters 28th day of Photoshopping Paddington into other movies

Reddit user JaytheChou holds a belief that’s admirable in its simplicity and conviction: That duffel coat fashion icon and hardened ursine criminal Paddington Bear belongs in every movie ever made.


Today marks the 28th consecutive entry in JaytheChou’s ongoing project. For nearly a month now, they’ve been hard at work finding worryingly Paddington-free movies and correcting this oversight by grabbing a screenshot and editing the Peruvian expat into each image. The series—titled “I photoshop Paddington into another movie every day until I forget”—is wide-ranging in its scope.

The latest edit sees Paddington accompanying Cillian Murphy through the abandoned London of 28 Days Later, looking as haggard as one might expect a well-mannered post-apocalyptic bear to look. A few days ago, Paddington also survived a run-in with Jurassic Park’s Tyrannosaurus rex, screaming along with the kids as the prehistoric lizard tried to bite through the glass roof of their car. JaytheChou has also stuck Paddington at the poker table in Casino Royale, where we assume he occasionally weeps marmalade, and between the divorced parents of Marriage Story. Some of the best Photoshops lean further into Paddington being a bear. He pops up in Midsommar, watches with interest as Nic Cage is swarmed by bees in The Wicker Man’s remake, and gets in on the DiCaprio mauling in an edit from The Revenant.

This project, even at its darkest, is usually far more in keeping with Paddington’s good-natured spirit than some of the internet’s other screenshot-editing celebrations of the bear. And it leads us to wonder whether JaytheChou will continue their work long enough to take advantage of the wealth of new Paddington images that will be offered in the third entry to his current film series. We certainly hope so. After all, there are still so, so many movies left to cover that would be improved with some Paddington added to them.

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