Rejoice, nerds: The Good Place is renewed for a fourth season

All right, chili babies, let’s all take a moment to relax those shoulders and forking exhale, for NBC has renewed The Good Place for a fourth season. It’s only the second show to secure a spot on the 2019-20 schedule thus far, following network darling Will & Grace. There are no details just yet regarding an official episode order or a confirmed time slot, but Mike Schur’s philosophical comedy has maintained its Thursday night glory and 13-episode arc for three seasons now. It appears to be a winning formula, as the show currently reigns as NBC’s highest rated comedy.

For season three fans followed the Soul Squad, led by Kristen Bell and Ted Danson, back to Earth on the quest to redeem their potentially damned souls. While such a drastic turn of events could have easily tanked more formulaic sitcoms, Schur and the gang have shown that there are still plenty of stories left to tell (and let’s hope that one of those stories is a well-deserved sequel to “The Ballad of Donkey Doug”). Combined with a TCA win for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy, along with Danson’s Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, the decision to let them live another day was likely one of their easier ones.

The good news comes just in time for the last episode of the fall, which airs this Thursday. The series will return in January to air the remaining three episodes of the season, leaving fans to wonder exactly how many good points must we rack up to get just a few more episodes.

[Via THR]

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