“Mad” Max Rockatansky is returning to the big screen this spring with a personal reminder of how inconvenient it will be to procure a gallon of gas when we’re fighting pitched battles between convoys in the burned out wastelands of tomorrow. (We recommend you start stockpiling petrol, guns, and ammo now.)

So far the pair of trailers for George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road promise a gleefully manic, violent fever-dream of carnage. Psychopaths in war paint lunge recklessly from exploding tankers, hurling jagged spears. Enslaved humans are shackled, caged, and strapped to war-buggies. Tom Hardy’s Max appears to get the shit kicked out of him on the regular. Charlize Theron is still beautiful, but in a “I’ll chop off your limbs and feed them to my pet buzzard” sort of way.


This latest trailer is in keeping with the frenetic tempo and zany madness of the previous trailers, but it also introduces a longer look at Immortan Joe, the warlord whose quest to reclaim his property looks to shape a fair amount of Fury Road’s action. Whatever has been taken (oil? women? legendary Pokemon?), Joe appears highly motivated to have his belongings returned.

Prepare to be regaled with bloody violence as these dogs of war defend the fuel at all costs as Mad Max: Fury Road combusts into theaters on May 15.