You Hurt My Feelings | Official Trailer HD | A24

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a treasure as always, basically plays it straight and is terrific. She’s a caring mother, teacher, and spouse, and probably a good writer, too. (Her first book was well received, even if it didn’t sell that much.) It’s impossible not to like her. The character is also smart enough to know that she shouldn’t be so wounded by her husband’s slight, but lack of intent doesn’t prevent the outcome.

Tobias Menzies is hilarious in the more passive role. Did he really do anything so wrong? The two of them try to work through this episode (he is a therapist, after all) but there are other issues at play, as there are with any aging couple. The funniest scenes are actually of Don at work, especially with David Cross and Amber Tamblyn as a miserable married couple seeking his counseling. The days of DVD extras are mostly gone, but there are probably many great unused takes of the two of them riffing on the couch that, if this were a just world, would make their way to YouTube.

But life isn’t fair! You know that by now. Or, if you don’t, it takes a good melancholy movie like You Hurt My Feelings to remind you. Luckily things basically work out in the end and it only takes 93 minutes. Nothing about this hurts at all.


You Hurt My Feelings opens in theaters May 26, 2023