RYE LANE | Official Trailer | Searchlight Pictures

Equally important to Rye Lane is Rye Lane itself, presented as a neighborhood drenched in pastels and brimming with personality in every frame. Scenes frequently have an interesting background, giving the film a uniquely lived-in feel, like there are a million tiny stories happening just offscreen. Granted, this is often presented through an over-reliance on wide-angle lenses, a stylistic choice that quickly becomes distracting as the edges of the frame distort into an unearned surrealism during the film’s more grounded moments. But the intent to capture as much of the environment as possible is understandable and forgivable given how compellingly Allen-Miller presents this little slice of London life.


Rye Lane is a slight film, clocking in at just over 80 minutes, that embraces casual quirk more than full-on, gut-busting comedy. But it’s a promising start to Raine Allen-Miller’s feature filmmaking career. She coaxes her performers into giving the film a distinct and heartfelt voice that casually lulls you into emotional vulnerability while still leaving room for gags centered on getting caught searching through an aunt’s panty drawers or clowning on a stuck-up ex-girlfriend’s dumb current boyfriend. Sometimes being cute is enough, and Allen-Miller’s brand of cute is certainly compelling enough that audiences should keep an eye out for whatever she does next.

Rye Lane premieres on Hulu on March 31, 2023.