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Sarah Palin’s new book includes a section about Louis CK

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It’s been half a decade now since Louis CK first decided to load up on rum and cokes during a flight and tweet graphic things about Sarah Palin, and then feel bad about it. (Apparently, he decided clever stuff like “kudos to your dirty hole, you fucking jackoff cunt-face jazzy wondergirl” wasn’t quite up to the standards of a civilized society.) Well, he delivered an in-person apology to Palin during the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special, and while that may have just seemed like a diplomatic move to some, the woman who abandoned her post as the governor of Alaska found it so moving, she decided to dedicate a chapter of her new book, Sweet Freedom: A Devotional, to the comedian.


Or rather, she dedicated a page of it, but since every page is just a short paragraph or two, accompanied by a Bible verse, that constitutes a chapter for her readership. Palin, a sentient Ann Taylor mannequin infused with physical tics and xenophobia, recently posted a picture of herself on Facebook, inscribing a copy of the book for CK and inviting him to come visit in Alaska.

Maybe a bit of the, um, “uniqueness” of #SweetFreedom - now the #1 Christian book and #1 devotional in the country -…

Posted by Sarah Palin on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Setting aside that grammatical nightmare of a first sentence (that ends with Palin claiming a guy who said sorry for tweeting about her breasts is a true teachable moment for the world), let’s examine what she wrote in the book itself. The devotional, entitled, “The Power Of Nice, and Saturday Night Live,” applies Proverbs 15:1 to the situation: “A gentle answer turns away wrath.” (Which she then gets slightly wrong in her post.) But her description in the book entails him apologizing to her, apropos of nothing. So her point seems to be that if you are completely oblivious to other people and what they do, it’ll turn out well for you. And as anyone who’s followed her entire adult career can attest, Sarah Palin is living proof of that claim. Also, on the very next page she writes, “Jesus asked who touched him. Well, the moment Trig was born, I knew who touched me,” which, come on, that’s just asking for more tweets.

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