Jigsaw is back, again, in the gruesome trailer for Saw X

The prequel, set before Saw II, is about Jigsaw seeking treatment for his brain tumor in Mexico

Jigsaw is back, again, in the gruesome trailer for Saw X
Saw X Screenshot: YouTube

It’s been 17 years since Saw III, the Saw movie where Tobin Bell’s Jigsaw dies by having his throat slashed with a power saw, but Jigsaw being Jigsaw, he knew that would happen and planned out a bunch of other twisted games for his victims to play if he died. Also, every movie after Saw III—save for the spin-off Spiral, which is now canonically Saw 9—has engaged in rampant flashback shenanigans, allowing Bell to keep appearing in these movies long after his death. Now, with Saw X coming later this year, director Kevin Greutert (who previously directed Saw VI and Saw 3D) is doing a full-on prequel that takes place between the events of the first two Saw movies.

SAW X (2023) Official Trailer – Tobin Bell

Set in Mexico, the movie is about Jigsaw seeking out some kind of revolutionary new treatment for the brain tumor that is slowly killing him over the course of the series (though, again, he eventually dies from having his throat slashed), but when it turns out to be a scam, he kidnaps everyone involved and… you know, does the thing he always does. He puts them through a series of gruesome tests to determine whether or not they’d rather hurt themselves in a gross way or die in a gross way.

And while Bell is now nearly 20 years older in real life than the character he’s playing here, Jigsaw doesn’t seem to have lost a step, because these gruesome tests are pretty freakin’ gruesome! They all appear to be surgery themed, not that they ever aren’t, with one apparently involving a woman cutting off her legs, one with a guy using a drill to remove a sufficient amount of brain matter from his head, and another where someone has to individually break all of their fingers before their eyes are sucked out of their head. Fun!

Saw X reopens the book of Saw—but, like, the regular one—on September 29.

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