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Shellshag asks the simple questions with its new album, Why’d I Have To Get So High?

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For nearly two decades Brooklyn’s Shellshag has been a twee-punk powerhouse. The two-piece of Jennifer Shagawat and John Driver have been committed to spreading the band’s gospel through its albums and celebratory live shows, proving that a staunch commitment to DIY ethics can remain inspiring no matter how old you get. On October 6, Don Giovanni Records and Shellshag’s own Starcleaner Records will release the group’s fifth album, Why’d I Have To Get So High?, and The A.V. Club is premiering “Blowin It,” the first track from the album, below. It’s a track that builds on the band’s last album, Shellshag Forever, with Shagawat and Driver’s vocals wrapping around one another until it all becomes one triumphant sing-along.


Pre-orders for Why’d I Have To Get So High? are available now, and the first 100 orders come with an exclusive poster.

Shellshag tour dates

October 9—O+ Fest—Kingston, New York
October 10—Maudies—Cincinatti, Ohio
October 12—Used Kids Records acoustic day show + @ The Summit at night—Columbus, Ohio
October 13—Bonfire Nation—Mansfield, Ohio
October 14—Mill Hill Basement—Trenton, New Jersey
October 15—Lava Space or Wolf Cycles—Philly, Pennsylvania
October 16—AS220—Providence, Rhode Island
October 17—The Firehouse—Worchester, Massachussetts
October 18—O’Briens—Boston, Massachussetts
October 19—Space Gallery—Portland, Maine
October 20—Chanti- Loft—Ithaca, New York
October 21—Sugar City—Buffalo, New York
October 22—The Record Centre—Ottawa, B.C.
October 23—Now That’s Class—Cleveland, Ohio
October 24—The Smiling Skull—Athens, Ohio
October 25—The Hi Lo—Athens, Georgia
October 26—Static Age—Asheville, North Carolina
October 27—Pilot Light—Knoxville, Tennessee
October 28—Sluggos—Chattanooga, Tennessee
October 29—Nobby’s Pre Fest—St. Augustine, Florida
October 30—The Fest—Gainesville, Florida
November 2—Sluggos—Pensacola, Florida
November 3—The Saturn Bar—New Orleans, Louisiana
November 4—Beerland—Austin, Texas
November 5—The Monarch—El Paso, Texas
November 6—The Tower Bar—San Diego, California
November 7—VLHS—Pomona, California
November 8—4th and Vine House—Long Beach, California
November 9—2519 San Pablo Ave—Oakland, California
November 10—The Knockout—San Francisco, California
November 11—The Know—Portland, Oregon
November 12—The Flophouse—Olympia, Washington
November 13—The Makeshift Project—Bellingham, Washington
November 14—Black Lab acoustic day show +@ The Astoria at night—Vancouver, B.C.
November 15—Narwhal—Seattle, Washington
November 16—VFW—Missoula, Montana
November 17—The Aquarium—Fargo, North Dakota
November 18—7th st entry—Minneapolis, Minnesota
November 19—Burlington—Chicago, Illinois
November 20—Bremen Cafe—Milwaukee, Wisconsin
November 21—Let’s Pretend Records party—Bloomington, Indiana
November 22—TBA—Nashville, Tennessee
November 23—The Yaucht Club—Cincinnati, Ohio
November 24—Spirit—Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
December 12—Bell House Record Release Show—Brooklyn New York