In general, there are five ways to get on the Fox network:

1. Be animated by Seth MacFarlane

2. Tolerate Jeff Foxworthy and a bunch of highly telegenic 5th graders for a few hours.

3. Show up either in a mime costume or mentally challenged (but not so mentally challenged that people will feel bad laughing at you—it's a fine line) at American Idol or So You Think You Can Dance auditions.

4. Respond with a "Yes, Chef" to everything Gordon Ramsey says/does.

5. Cultivate a wild-eyed, mysterious stare and become a character actor. This way maybe JJ Abrams will find you mysterious enough for The X-Files: Fringe or Joel Surnow will find you terrorist-y enough for 24.

But according to this casting notice for the new Fox game show Hole In The Wall it appears that there is a much easier path to the harsh lighting of the Fox network:

We are looking for men and women 18 and up of ALL SHAPES AND SIZES who are OUTGOING and have a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOR! All teams must be either ALL Female OR ALL Male! This show does not require trivia knowledge only your creativity in fitting your body through a hole in a wall!

So, be a man or a woman who has an all-caps appreciation of WHAT'S FUNNY, and who can crawl through a hole in the wall? The bar has now been set so low, you can just step over it. We can all be on Fox! The dream is ours, we just have to contort our bodies in really dumb ways and squeeze through it!