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South Park Vs. Family Guy (and Comedy Central)

Last night, South Park once again proved that the show is at its best when under duress, and on the attack. Several controversial topics were adressed. Here's a handy list: 1. Family Guy: How much does it suck? 2. Comedy Central: How much does it suck? 3. Selective Religion-based Censorship: How much does it suck? Coincidentally, in last night's episode South Park concluded that all of these things suck, like, a lot. Here's a clip, for those who missed it.

Of course, the show was much better than my summation. Simply put, it was the one of the smartest, sharpest South Park episodes in recent memory. I thought their handling of the Comedy Central-imposed censorshipof Mohammed was great. And, certainly, any network that would so readily bend to the will of Tom Cruise––not to mention Carlos Mencia––deserves to be attacked. But my favorite part was South Park's unbridled assault on Family Guy, a show whose dependence on lazy gags and cutaways has always irritated me. (What would Family Guy be without all those cutaways? A few months ago, a video of a Family Guy episode with all the flashbacks and cutaways edited out was circulating. It was six minutes long.) For many years, I've wondered what the writing process at Family Guy was like. Last night, South Park gave me the answer: Manatees. Shooting random idea balls out of a tank. It all makes sense now. What did everyone else think?

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