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Spot The Differences

Welcome once again to Spot The Differences, in which we compare a movie and its supposed remake side-by-side, Highlights magazine style. In today's installment: the ill-advised 1988 sequel to a comedy classic, Caddyshack II vs. the upcoming ill-advised pseudo remake of the ill-advised sequel to a comedy classic, Who's Your Caddy? (aka Racial Stereotypes On A Golf Course For 90 Minutes).
Who's Your Caddy? isn't listed as an official remake of Caddyshack II, but I suspect that's only because no one wants to admit they're re-making Caddyshack II. Still, the plots are pretty much identical: outsider wants to join snooty country club, but is rejected, so outsider forces his way in, hijinks ensue. As for the differences, below you'll find trailers for both movies: Let's Spot The Differences!
Caddyshack II:


Who's Your Caddy?:
And now for the differences spotted. The Caddyshack II trailer does not contain the following:
—Lil Wayne
—The tagline, "It's the street versus the elite."
—Andy Milonakis
—Trapped In The Closet-caliber midget jokes–featuring the midget from Trapped In The Closet!
—Jokes about hip-hop and rappers that are probably leftovers from a roast of Sir Mix-A-Lot in 1996
—So many 'splosions! —A foghorn fart as characterization. Still, even though Who's Your Caddy? looks to be even more pointless and unfunny than the pointless, unfunny sequel it's ripping off, Big Boi of Outkast is very convincing as a black Jackie Mason.

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