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State trooper finds man pulled over on the highway playing Pokémon Go on eight different phones

Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi (Getty Images)

Maybe the hype behind Pokémon Go has subsided in your social sphere, but according to Forbes and app-centric news outlets, the app is currently pushing over $2.45 billion in revenue since its debut in 2016. Sure, the mental stimulation given by swiping is an awesome sensation for most of us, but that can be found through better experiences, like speed-reading headlines on Reddit to feel like an informed genius, flicking through various social media timelines, or swiping away bank notifications you’re too lazy to turn off. The Pokémon Go phenomenon can still be seen, though, if you’re paying attention. Just ask the Washington State Patrol.

According to CNN affiliate Komo News, a Washington State Trooper recently approached a driver who was pulled over and parked on the shoulder of a busy highway near the Sea-Tac Airport. Sgt. Kyle Smith walked up to the parked car to find a dude sitting in his car, straight playing Pokémon Go on eight different phones. Now, he didn’t have all of the phones laying out on his dashboard, and he wasn’t a double-fisting Machamp either. Dude straight up made slits in a foam board to cradle each phone so he could swipe at all devices at once. We have no idea if all of those phones were his (and could you imagine buying a family plan just to play Pokémon Go?), but holy shit is that dedication. See it below.


The driver cooly avoided a ticket, since, well, he wasn’t driving and swiping at the same time, thank god. But hey, at least his easy crafting skills got some love on the internet.

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