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J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot has produced yet another mystery box for your scrutiny, dropping the purposefully cryptic teaser “Stranger” on the Internet without so much as an attendant release date—or anything else that might provide some context as to what it’s promoting. All we know is what the video tells us: That it involves a man who’s unknown apparently even to himself. That “what begins at the water shall end there.” That Michael Giacchino’s mournful piano is all over this thing (and the narrator even says the word “lost”). And that there’s a dude with his mouth all stitched shut. A dark and gritty Splash reboot? A feature-length adaptation of Alice In Chains’ video for “Man In The Box”? Abrams’ new cologne, Daddy Issues? Or just evidence that, as you suspected, he’s totally gonna ruin Star Wars? Damn it, Abrams, Star Wars takes place in space, not on the beach!


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