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Sunday's Breaking Bad was dedicated to a teen who died of cancer—and turned down the chance to hear how it ends

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Although the final moments of Sunday’s Breaking Bad left viewers with plenty of questions yet to be answered—chief among them whether Walter’s scheme to move the air fresheners will pay off, or just cost him another piece of his soul—one of the most immediate was the identity of one Kevin Cordasco, to whom the episode was dedicated. Well, The Hollywood Reporter has answered that, and it’s heartbreaking: Cordasco was a 16-year-old Breaking Bad fan who died in March, after a six-year battle with cancer. And as his father says in the article, Cordasco found inspiration (and finally, a good kind) in Walter’s own struggles with the disease: “There was something about the Walter White character … the way he took control of his illness, and his life, that really resonated with Kevin.” Eventually, Cordasco asked his godmother to use her industry connections to help him meet creator Vince Gilligan and the cast of the show he loved so much.

Not surprisingly, because he is awesome, Bryan Cranston responded immediately, with Cordasco’s father saying, “Bryan and his wife sat with Kevin for hours at the hospital. And then Vince came to our house, along with some of the cast. They even invited Kevin to the writers’ room. He was beyond thrilled.” What’s more, as Gilligan related on the Breaking Bad Insiders podcast, he even offered to tell Cordasco how the show would end, so long as he kept it to himself. And yet Cordasco refused this cop-out, saying he wanted to find out along with everyone else. Which, given the circumstances, is incredibly sad—but also, suitably badass. [via UPROXX]