A valiant attempt to create SNL’s 15-flavor “pizza crepe taco pancake chili bag”

The 2005 Saturday Night Live “Taco Town” skit is a great example of the show’s escalating commercial absurdity, thanks to Andy Samberg’s wonderfully enthusiastic idiot-guy faces and the surprising level of detail in their invented 15-flavor taco monstrosity. Ostensibly a riff on Taco Bell’s Double Decker Taco, which…

New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine cross over for a comeuppance and a comeback


“Homecoming” works—mostly—because it’s first and foremost an episode of New Girl. Schmidt returns to New York, “the bosom of Lady Liberty!” (or, as Jess calls it, “the city of garbage water and pizza trash”) to accept his high school’s Distinguished Alum award, and to rub his success in his peers’ faces. Winston and…

When Jess met Jake: Inside the New Girl/Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover

When it comes to Captain Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), anything resembling sarcasm does not fly. The New Girl staff learned that when writing the Brooklyn Nine-Nine crossover airing tonight on Fox. “On our show, Holt has said that ‘sarcasm is the coward’s lie,’ and that he isn’t sarcastic,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine