Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders is an uneven but promising throwback


Dick Wolf’s original Law & Order series spawned multiple spin-offs that, rather counterintuitively, proved most successful when they steered away from the flagship procedural drama’s format. The Special Victims Unit has spent 18 seasons delving into the detectives’ backstories as often as the victims’, while Criminal…

If you want to see how we’ll handle nuclear apocalypse, watch Miracle Mile 

As the Cold War wound to a close at the tail end of the 1980s, with relationships thawing between the Soviet Union and America to a complete détente in December 1989, perhaps no one was more conflicted about the world being released from the looming threat of nuclear war than Steve De Jarnatt. Since 1979, De Jarnatt…

Anthony Edwards joins CBS’ gritty Nancy Drew reboot

Drew, CBS’ upcoming series in which beloved girl detective Nancy Drew is neither a girl nor a detective, has signed on ER’s Anthony Edwards to play Nancy’s father. CBS’ version of Nancy is an adult New York City cop (because that’s exactly what Carolyn Keene’s beloved series of books is all about), and TV Guide reports