Hooked on Hereditarys spooky power? Check out director Ari Aster’s fucked-up short films

Mark your calendars, because Hereditary season is upon us. More like a vicious remake of Robert Redford’s Ordinary People than any studio-built jump-scare obstacle course, writer-director Ari Aster’s frightening feature debut is the feel-terrible movie of the summer: a shocker about a family slowly descending into…

The team behind Hereditary says making the film was “therapeutic”—even if watching it won’t be

At this point, just two days away from the film’s wide release, the Hereditary hype train is at full steam. Our own A.A. Dowd, who saw it at Sundance, gave the film his stamp of approval, calling it “pure emotional terrorism.” It’s managed to disturb Edgar Wright, Barry Jenkins, Elijah Wood, and every A.V. Club