Exclusive: It's game over when RiffTrax alums take on Ernest Cline and Ready Player One

For the first season of their podcast 372 Pages We’ll Never Get Back, RiffTrax head honcho Michael J. Nelson and writer Conor Lastowka decided to lay off of riffing on movies for a bit and focus on the local library by taking on Ernest Cline’s 2011 sci-fi ode to ‘80s pop culture and all things geeky, Ready Player One.

Harvey Weinstein had all sorts of bad ideas for Fanboys, Ernest Cline's first movie

Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One is hitting theaters this week as a high-profile Steven Spielberg extravaganza. (We liked it!) But this isn’t Cline’s first Hollywood rodeo: He also penned the original script for 2009's Fanboys, and his experience found him crossing paths with several members of the Hollywood elite,…

Steven Spielberg finds fun, and maybe even a soul, in the pandering pastiche of Ready Player One


Is it possible for a Hollywood blockbuster to look both soulful and soulless, depending on where the light strikes its gleaming surfaces? Ready Player One, based on the bestseller of the same name, is a pandering, crassly commercial victory of intellectual property law that’s also, in its best moments, grand popcorn…

The Impossible Fortress both celebrates and subverts ’80s nostalgia and rom-com tropes


It’s a good thing that The Impossible Fortress is such a fast and easy read, because it would be all too easy to abandon it during the book’s bumpy start. Set in 1987, the first few pages of Jason Rekulak’s debut novel are nearly as laden with nostalgic references as Ernest Cline’s books. Rekulak introduces his…