The New York Times investigates why Donald Trump talks like a straight-to-DVD mobster

Over the course of his brief political career, Donald Trump’s tactics have been generously called “thuggish.” His puffed-up bravado and thinly veiled, clumsy threats directed at opponents are like cheap imitations of the mobster characters of classic cinema. As a citizen it is, to say the least, embarrassing.…

What four films define you? (No, really)

Sean O’Neal: This week, yet another movie-based personality quiz overtook Twitter—specifically, Film Twitter, that loosely defined consortium of critics, industry types, and eager film buffs united by their love of movies and making others feel bad about the movies they love. The “FilmStruck4” challenge was issued by

What song is inextricably linked to a film or TV show for you?

Inspired by a nearly decade-old inventory of songs firmly linked to films, this week’s question comes from reader Drew Evans:

This video essay examines how to design dialogue, according to The Social Network

In the past few years, there’s been a boon in video essays on filmmaking and filmmakers on the internet. Insightful, short videos have cropped up that look at a particular director’s oeuvre, or use clips from multiple sources to illustrate a point about how a particular tool could or should be used when making a film.…