The Flash focuses on family drama but finds time for a creepy new foe


Now that we’re well into the fifth season of The Flash, it’s getting much harder for the creative team to keep the one-off meta-of-the-week stories fresh. The Flash has always had one of the deeper benches in superhero comics as far as colorful villains are concerned, but we’re down to the C-listers now, and most of…

The Flash has a new Big Bad...and a new sidekick with a familiar story


Kid Flash has left town and the show (at least as a series regular), so why not tell his story all over again? That’s what happens in “Block,” in which Barry once again finds himself mentoring a headstrong, over-eager young speedster who is also a member of the family. The episode hits some familiar beats along the…

In the season five premiere, The Flash meets his future daughter


The fifth season premiere picks up exactly where we left off, with Team Flash celebrating the new addition to the family—a celebration that’s interrupted when another new addition to the family unexpectedly crashes the party. As you no doubt recall from the fourth season finale, this is Nora, future daughter of Barry…

The Flash season finale delivers a whirlwind conclusion to the Thinker saga


We knew it would come down to this in the end: All you need is love. Exactly how that would manifest itself in the fourth season finale “We Are The Flash” is something I never would have been able to predict, and I’m not certain it made any sense at all. But it was fast-paced, exciting, suspenseful, and full-on comic…

The Flash gets the most out of its characters as the Enlightenment approaches


“Think Fast,” the penultimate episode of this fourth season of The Flash, peaks early with one of the best action/effects sequence in the show’s history. After DeVoe gains entry to an ARGUS black site by posing as John Diggle (I understood everything about this except how he knows the counter-password to “Elvis…

Team Flash acquires an unlikely ally in a subdued outing


As the fourth season of The Flash approaches its conclusion, “Harry And The Harrisons” is a surprisingly low-key and uncluttered episode this late in the game. The stakes are high, but they feel abstracted: it’s usually a very personal threat at this stage of a Flash season, but this year it’s global. World domination…

The Flash tries to make us care about the Thinker, with limited success


“Therefore She Is” is a crucial episode for anyone truly invested in the overarching Thinker storyline this season. It provides the backstory and motivation for the season’s villain, and fills in the remaining blanks about the relationship between the DeVoes. For those of us who aren’t terribly invested in that story,…

The Flash and friends spend a filler hour getting in touch with their feelings


When the writers of The Flash decide to hammer home a theme, they don’t hold back. You could hardly miss it this week: Thinking is overrated, emotions are where it’s at! Now, when you’ve built your season around a villain called the Thinker, this is an obvious direction to take the narrative. As DeVoe becomes more and…

The Flash must stop a nuclear blast in a gimmicky hyperreal-time episode


For the fastest man alive, Barry Allen is always just a little too slow. His problem every season when it comes to confronting the big bad is that his super-speed just isn’t super enough to catch up to threat, and so he must push himself to go faster than ever. But the question after watching tonight’s episode is: how…

Team Flash gets played like a fiddle as the dour DeVoe saga continues


Is the DeVoe storyline threatening to get interesting at last? I haven’t been a fan so far, but the concept of a supervillain who is constantly absorbing new powers is a bit more intriguing than that of a really smart guy floating around in a chair. “Subject 9" refers to the ninth out of twelve bus metas DeVoe has set…

Barry's prison sentence comes to an end in a muddled episode of The Flash


While Barry Allen has been languishing behind bars these past several weeks, much of The Flash’s entertainment value has come courtesy of Ralph Dibny. “True Colors” is no exception as it reveals another aspect of Ralph’s stretchabilty, allowing several other actors to take a turn as the character. After meeting with a…

With The Flash sidelined, the B-team takes center stage in an uneven episode


The best thing about “The Elongated Knight Rises” is the absence of any DeVoe-related activity. I didn’t realize just how much of a drag that arc had become until it basically vanished for a week, give or take a few references in a conversation between Iris and Barry. Instead, this week’s episode is split roughly…

The Flash speeds through the trial of the fastest defendant alive


Well, you’ve got to hand it to Marlize DeVoe. She, at least, understands what a trial — especially a TV trial — is supposed to be. In an episode that races through a story that could have lasted weeks, if not months, she’s the one person who knows the score. She’s the TNT of “The Trial Of The Flash”: she knows drama.