Kellan Lutz tries on He-Man’s fuzzy britches for Masters Of The Universe reboot

The universe is expanding, if science is to be believed, and that growth simply cannot go unchecked. Which is presumably why Hollywood needs another He-Man, and it needs him now (or about nine years ago, when the idea was bandied about with renewed vigor). Terminator Salvation’s McG was tapped to helm a Masters Of The Universe live-action reboot

The Power Rangers make a less than mighty return to comics

A successful licensed comic takes advantage of the comic-book medium to offer a different take on an established film, television, video game, or toy property. All too often, licensed titles default to bland replication of the source material, which is a logical decision. These books are intended to appeal to fans of…

Here’s a picture of Battle Cat from the new He-Man movie, which is apparently still happening

Of all the silly cartoons from the ‘80s that we’ve spent countless hours convincing ourselves were actually really good—seriously guys, Transformers totally holds up—He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe is probably one of the silliest. We’re not judging it, or saying it doesn’t totally hold up the way that

Vintage licensed character Christmas specials add even more commercialism to the holiday

For those seeking a nostalgic trip back to their youth or who finally want to hear what the characters from comic strip For Better Or For Worse sound like, Metafilter has assembled a list of Christmas specials featuring licensed characters. It’s an impressive grouping that mostly comes from the ’80s and ’90s while the…