The new season of Hap And Leonard is a stand-alone mystery with humor, charm—and the KKK


Even more so than past years, the new season of Hap And Leonard is deceptively breezy and charming—odd when you consider the first episode ends with the protagonists walking outside to discover an American flag with its pole slammed through their windshield and a racial slur spray-painted on the side of their car.

Olga Kurylenko goes from Bond girl to Bond in Momentum trailer

Olga Kurylenko, who plays the sidekick in Quantum Of Solace and the sidekick in The November Man—which wasn’t a Bond film, but plays out like a mediocre one—stars in the upcoming action movie Momentum. Only this time, she’s the one behind the wheel, trading in her Bond girl role to become, well, essentially Bond. She…