Kristen Stewart to make her directorial debut with drama that has "the best fucking female role"

Speaking at Cannes, Kristen Stewart has announced that she’s planning to make her directorial debut with an adaptation of The Chronology Of Water, a 2011 memoir written by Lidia Yuknavitch. Stewart has a lot of positive things to say about Yuknavitch, saying “she’s in my blood” and that “started this race without any…

Kristen Stewart browses for ghosts in Olivier Assayas’ unclassifiable Personal Shopper


Haunted-house spookfest, stalking thriller, character study, mood piece: The different sides of Olivier Assayas’ bewildering but compelling Personal Shopper don’t overlap so much as touch one another in passing. Its heroine, the insouciant American expat Maureen Cartwright (Kristen Stewart), makes her living picking…

UPDATED: Kristen Stewart and Alec Baldwin will host Saturday Night Live in February

In all the years she’s been famous, which amounts to quite some time now, Kristen Stewart has never taken to Studio 8H to host Saturday Night Live. That will change come February 4, when she appears alongside musical guest Alessia Cara. Stewart next stars in Olivier Assayas’ Personal Shopper, which is due out in March.