In a riotous premiere, the Legends come bearing a unicorn, a Subaru, and Gary's damned nipple


Some people ask “why?” It’s a good question, a fundamental part of the whole who-what-where-when thing. More people should ask “why?” More television writers should, certainly. It’s a question that’s key to a well-crafted story. It’s essential, indispensable. Legends Of Tomorrow’s writers ask it, to be sure. But the…

Barack Obama meeting Gorilla Grodd is just the beginning of what makes Legends Of Tomorrow great

Recently, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow got some viral buzz when it baffled Twitter users with the concept of an evil gorilla trying to murder a young Barack Obama. It was the kind of bonkers setup and undeniable hook that would’ve felt perfectly at home on a Silver Age cover, and that’s exactly the kind of aesthetic that

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow stumbles into stupidity with Elvis’ haunted guitar


DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow has trained me to accept dumb plot points, but this week’s story about Elvis Presley’s haunted guitar is so stupid that it’s hard to swallow. “Amazing Grace” sends the team to 1954 Memphis to investigate an anachronism that turns the city into a ghost town, and it turns out Elvis’ guitar is…