In the second Party Down episode, the catering crew met some okay Republicans

The possessors of beauty are reticent about their privileges or act as though it was luck that the cop didn’t give them a ticket, that it was just a ‘nice man’ who let them through customs without having to wait in line. Beauty, unlike money, seems unable to focus on the source of the power.” -Eve Babitz, Eve’s

The Simpsons brings back the writer of a classic episode, but the sequel is awfully Krusty


Well, no one can accuse The Simpsons of trampling all over one of its all-time best episodes. Actually, wait—I can, as the 24-seasons-removed “Kamp Krustier” finds a way to revisit the classic Simpsons episode “Kamp Krusty” without expanding on it, deconstructing it, or even making a memorable travesty of it. That…

Emma Watson and Kiernan Shipka star in: 50 actors who should play siblings

It shouldn’t be surprising that, given the industry’s penchant for perfect faces and stunning figures, Hollywood would occasionally tap two actors for stardom that—gasp!—look fairly similar. It happens. Just ask Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain. But what is shocking is that the movie moguls out there aren’t…