The best film scenes of 2017

Ryan Gosling slugging it out with Harrison Ford in a ballroom of holograms. Saoirse Ronan defiantly rolling out of a moving vehicle. Soldiers sitting like ducks on a beach as a German fighter plane dives menacingly out of the sky. All of the above moments—and a couple dozen more besides—would have made fine additions…

Stephen King’s Tower, Steven Soderbergh’s return, and 27 other movies coming in August

So many movies, so little time. Every week brings a new crop of them, opening in multiplexes and arthouse theaters across the nation, and arriving in increasingly high volumes on streaming platforms like Netflix. How’s a voracious moviegoer to keep up? That’s where The A.V. Club comes in. The first week of every

Steven Soderbergh releases list of things watched in 2016, is in love with David Fincher

Continuing a tradition he started a few years ago, today Steven Soderbergh released a huge list cataloging all the media he consumed last year. It’s a lot! Soderbergh’s a rangy, hard-to-pin talent, but his list looks pretty similar to that of any other diligent consumer of pop-culture: O.J.: Made In America, Westworld