Please enjoy some food porn shot in the style of Michael Bay and Wes Anderson

There’s a fine art to making food look good on film, and it is pretty distant from the fine art of actually making food taste good. The cheeseburger you buy from a fast food joint looks nothing like the advertisement, for example, but it sure will taste the way you want it to. In this capacity, it shows the distance…

Cage and Connery bust into The Rock, the one good movie Michael Bay ever gave us

The fate of San Francisco is at stake. There’s a missile filled with tiny glass orbs pointed at it, and all those glass orbs are full of glowing neon-green nerve gas. Nicolas Cage, playing a twitchy and sweaty FBI chemical-weapons expert, is working frantically to disarm it. Tony Todd, the guy who played Candyman in

Action movies are just starting to recover from Michael Bay’s Bad influence

Movie directors who broke through to the mainstream in the ’90s tended to do it one of two ways, either through independent film or music videos. The music-video route was probably the less respectable one, but plenty of genuine auteurs still came up through that farm system: Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, David Fincher,…