Four years later, this Irish sailing “commentary” is still great, fecking great

The 2016 Rio Summer Olympic Games come to a close this weekend, wrapping up an exciting two weeks of sportsmanship and bizarre Ryan Lochte lies. But before Rio’s shiny cauldron is officially extinguished, let’s take a quick moment to remember this absurd Olympic sailing “commentary” video from the 2012 London Games:

Nervous Olympic parents provide the perfect reaction to Donald Trump

One of the more charming things to emerge from this summer’s Rio Olympics is the footage of gymnast Aly Raisman’s parents struggling to hold it together as their daughter competes on the uneven bars. Lynn and Rick Raisman’s nervous antics first garnered attention during the 2012 London games and they’re no less…

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One of the most infamous characters in Simpsons history might be partially inspired by one of the most infamous mascots in Olympics history. At least that’s a theory espoused in the article “Joke Origins: Poochie, The Whatizit?, And The ’96 Olympics” posted on fan blog Flim Springfield. The blog, maintained by two …