The makers of Criminal lend their capable hands to a warm and fuzzy spin-off, This Is Love

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Podmass' podcast superlatives of 2017

In 2016, podcasts of every stripe had a decision to make: Address the worst aspects of 2016 head-on, or create artful distractions from same. This year, that pattern holds true: Nostalgia-laden podcasts gently guide our gaze the other way while political shows unabashedly call out bullshit where…

A Talking Cat?! was overdubbed in a bathroom, and other fun facts from Eric Roberts Is The Fucking Man 

We live in such a cynical age that it’s equal parts endearing and uncomfortable to watch someone living out their dreams, like the hosts of Eric Roberts Is The Fucking Man sitting down with the subject of their podcast onstage at Chicago’s Music Box Theatre as part of the Cinepocalypse festival. Although they were…

Read (and listen to) This: An oral history of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Larry David isn’t one to talk much about process; anyone who’s seen the Seinfeld creator’s Curb Your Enthusiasm can imagine what a fruitless endeavor that might be. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some fascinating stories about the hit HBO series, an almost entirely improvised comedy about the comedian and…