What supposedly terrifying movie doesn’t scare you?

Welcome back to AVQ&A, where we throw out a question for discussion among the staff and readers. Consider this a prompt to compare notes on your interface with pop culture, to reveal your embarrassing tastes and experiences, and to ponder how our diverse lives all led us to convene here together. Got a question you’d

Since reading’s for squares, here are some audiobooks of movie novelizations

Earlier this week, The A.V. Club reported on Wes Craven’s original draft for A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. It was of note that the novelization, released in 1987, was actually based on Craven’s draft, not the final script. This kind of thing happened all the time when tie-in novels of films were a…

Oh YEAH: Entourage and 82 other summer movies that aren’t Entourage (Part 1)

The summer of 2015 is brimming with big stars who want to be your superhero, teaming for epic adventures, side-splitting comedies, and sweeping romances that will stir your heart from its winter slumber. There are also some movies that aren’t Entourage. And so, as Vincent Chase and company prepare to enter theaters,…